What will happen NEXT?!

While I’m trying to get over my first love,i got together with one of my bestfriends,or who i thought was my bestfriend,& turns out he cheated on me(the entire time) with this girl at our highschool.
So,i’ve pretty much lost my bestfriend in the entire world because she’s with her boyfriend all the time. My first love is a worthless theif and a liar. Im so lost and i don’t really know what else could happen. Could my parents split up? Possibly, i had to leave my house lastnight because they were yelling so much because he was drunk. I need something to get everything off my mind. i just something for once in my life to go as planned. But,i guess if life has taught me anything its that you can’t plan anything. Life is crazy and spontaneous. Life is confusing and hurts. You just have to look on the brightside and know that youre here for a reason.

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someone who knows you very well for the past few years.

c’monn. just tell me!

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You're not happy. Stop trying to hide it. Track down those things and remove them. They're like a tumor.

who is this?